Information for Presenters

To ensure that the sessions run smoothly we hope you can take a note of the following information.


Please bring your presentation to your session, which needs to be saved in Microsoft PowerPoint (97-2003) or in pdf format on a standard USB (3.0) flashdrive (not a micro-USB or USB-C). If you work on a MacBook, please note that only Microsoft systems will be available. Unfortunately, the equipment available will not support videos

Schedule and Timings:

‚ÄčStandard Parallel Sessions = 3 x 30 mins presentations (25 mins presentation with 5 min discussion).

The session schedules are very tight. It would be useful if you can arrive five minutes before the session start time to upload your presentation from the USB.

Chairs of Sessions:

The last person scheduled for the parallel session will chair the presentations in that session, including their own. Session chairs should ensure that all speakers receive their allotted time and that the audience has an opportunity for questions and comments. If you are the chair of a session and would like someone to chair your presentation then please ask the first presenter.

We look forward to seeing you at the conference.

With best wishes,
MCO Conference Administrator